Ja sam u…

We often can hear people saying I am in the car 🚘, I am on the bus, I am in the restaurant, I am waiting for a bus. On English the word bus doesn’t change its form, stays always the same,BUT on Croatian the same word used with the different verbs or prepositions changes so we can hear autobus, autobusu, autobusa. Why? Because we have cases.

I’m in the classroom. Ja sam u učionici .

I’m in the elevator. Ja sam u liftu.

I’m in the taxi . Ja sam u taksiju.

I’m in the room. Ja sam u sobi.

Try to translate these sentences:

Ja sam u kuhinji.

Ja sam u autu.

Ja sam u sobi.

Ja sam u školi.

Ja sam u kinu.

Ja sam u restoranu.

Ja sam u kafiću. 

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